PBS Special: Soundbreaking Pt.1

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Soundbreaking is an 8 part documentary, originally featured on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in 2016, that pulls the curtain back to shine light on the music industry’s most influential producers behind music’s biggest hits. This documentary shares over 150 original interviews with world class producers, recording artist and everyone in between.

The first episode titled The Recording Artist, introduces the relationship between the record producer and the recording artist. Often, the record producer is the driving force behind the artists most cutting edge songs. As expected this episode takes you on a musical journey from 60’s pop music, to 70’s soul music, to 80’s funk and hip hop music, and more. Even the traditional music enthusiast will be taken a back with information and testimonies. IT’S WORTH THE WATCH.

When we first shared this blog in 2016, PBS featured the series for free but now its available on your favorite streaming services, peep the link for more information. Streaming and purchase.

Watch the Trailer


*All photos and link credit goes to PBS and the series producers.

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