Dave East has seen the bottom, and is all about the bottom line.

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His story can’t be compared with his peers. Maneuvering through the pain it’s not possible to deter this man on his mission. Life is a marathon which keeps rolling. East, 31, started the game with a dollar and a dream. From paying dues and telling his story, he’s now focused on paying it forward to his family, friends, and mentors in the game — all who have praised the rising emcee with honor and respect since the beginning.

Diligently working to create the third installment of his Karma mixtape series, Karma 3, East is solidifying the quality-over-quantity formula. If you’ve seen the bottom, then you would know that this is not a matter of luck — it takes passion, pain and sacrifice. East has become a master MC, by pushing through hard times and challenging any obstacle that has been placed in front of him. A whisper is louder than a shout — so listen up for Dave East.


In this game, you have to be built for the hard times while weathering the storm. How can you pursue happiness if you’ve never seen pain? We know what we want out of life, but it may come with a Change of Plans. These are the rules of the game. Sometimes we “Need A Sign,” all of those hours worked on the “Night Shift” to take care of “Me and Mines” — you do you and I’ll do me. We got the same 24 hours, so “What You Mad For?” These are the things that make us who we are, but in the end, what are we fighting, the love or the legacy?


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