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The Bronx is called the birthplace of one of the most popular music genres, hip-hop. It appeared somewhere in the 1970s and attracted people with advanced emceeing skills. In fact, the latter has become its key feature that helps this genre stand out from the rest. Many researchers note that the evolution of hip-hop culture was one of the most impressive and valuable social changes in Americans’ social life in the late 1990s. Considering its direct connection with the American black community, one can claim that hip-hop has become a response to social and economic issues throughout history. Black people and various disadvantaged groups decided to speak out about their discontent, claims, and demands through music. They wanted to show that their rights and freedoms were not on equal par with others, and this protest contributed to restructuring social attitudes and capabilities. If you want to go deep down this multifaceted question, you may need more spare time. While students can turn to the superbgrade writing service to make room in their schedules, adults should meet this challenge themselves. We will consider only some key aspects that influenced American culture and society.



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